Pre-admissions Department

Welcome to the Pre-admissions Department

Patients scheduled for surgery are seen preoperatively in the Preadmissions Department no more than two weeks prior to the scheduled date of the procedure.

An initial interview is conducted by a Preadmissions Registered Nurse. All labs, EKG’s and any radiology procedures that are ordered by the physician or anesthesiologist are completed at this visit. EKG’s are performed and results faxed to the attending physician. Patient pre-op teaching is also done during the Preadmissions visit.

Download Pre-Admission Forms

Communications covered during the initial interview include

  • printed information about recognizing and preventing surgical site infections
  • appropriate attire (no make-up, jewelry, lotion, moisturizers, powder, etc.)
  • medications to take and/or hold per anesthesia protocol
  • pain management
  • date and time to arrive
  • any special requirements related to a particular surgery

The Preadmissions Department may be contacted Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm at ext 31214 (confidential voice mail available).